David Danziger

Managing Member

Having spent his career first in finance and then later in marketing & sales, David Danziger brings a combination of financial and operating experience to Culbro, LLC., of which he is a co-founder and managing member.

From 1999 to 2005, Mr. Danziger was in charge of sales & marketing at General Cigar and oversaw a number of acquisitions and integrations. Previously, Mr. Danziger had worked as head of sales & marketing at Villazon, a General Cigar subsidiary, and had worked in various positions in strategy and operations for Culbro Corporation, then General Cigar’s parent.

Mr. Danziger’s first experience after college was as a member of the principal investment group of Shearson Lehman Hutton. Later, Mr. Danziger worked for the City of New York as deputy director of budget & analysis for the Bureau of Bridges.

A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School, Mr. Danziger is presently a director of Griffin Land & Nurseries, Inc., MT Educare Private Limited, LearningMate Private Limited and Hi Rel Electronics Private Limited.

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